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Installers aren’t always “Installers”

Last week I visited a new customers site in Sassafras NSW which is just shy of Nerriga. It was a new customer I hadn’t visited before and like all off-grid jobs I spoke to the customer just before phone reception ran out to get instructions to find the keys, jump the gate, and find the batteries.

Now this particular customer had an installation which had been worked on by more than one off-grid installer. He mentioned the most recent installer which was the late Steve Benko from Rivers Solar Oak Flats, you could tell which parts Steve had touched as they were the only parts which were any good….The rest had to go.

The customer had reported inverter cut-out on load even though having full solar charge. I could smell as soon as I walked in there was a hot joint. The line side of the CFS had three of the least tradesperson like terminations on it and as a result had fried itself resulting in a high resistance joint and nothing working as it should, let alone the obvious fire hazard.

The customer told me who had done this, not Steve, but an installer from Sydney that I won’t mention, anyway I came up with a short term fix and explained to the customer that it was time to get this done right.

The customer has since approved the repair/upgrade and I’ll go back this week to fix it properly, – I’ll post some before and afters. They have also approved a Victron Colour Control which will be great as they’ll now be able to see telemetry back from the MultiPlus.


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