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Stories from the field
Hi All Here’s a fun lesson. A lot of equipment we use has automatic system voltage sensing. Now today I had a site with a out of control MPPT which was charging way over voltage on a set of lead acid batteries and then as a result the other equipment went from believing it was a full 24v system but a flat 36v system and then tried charging it as a 36V system. Eeekk. That’s a problem. My...
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Well, I’m beginning to learn how easy it is to forget to make time to blog, however with that said 2018 is going to be a new year. About a month ago I returned to the off-grid installation in Sassafras NSW and started again. I removed all the equipment from where it was, I wish I had done a “before” photo, and have now completely re-done it. unfortunately some of the cabling couldn’t be moved as it was...
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Last week I visited a new customers site in Sassafras NSW which is just shy of Nerriga. It was a new customer I hadn’t visited before and like all off-grid jobs I spoke to the customer just before phone reception ran out to get instructions to find the keys, jump the gate, and find the batteries. Now this particular customer had an installation which had been worked on by more than one off-grid installer. He mentioned the most...
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For the bulk of the time I can remember we have always fitted and maintained lead acid batteries for off grid installations. This has always been difficult as you can imagine as wet cell lead acid batteries like to be transported level and not every off grid installation is a perfect flat level block. This has made for both an WHS issue but also is just flat out inconvenient, not to mention their weight, size….. Finally now there...
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For many years Victron has offered really good quality equipment at a cost effective price and more over I really like it. Recently they have released their new range of MultiGrid battery inverters. The benefit of the MultiGrid over the MultiPlus is it has inbuilt AS 4777 compliance so it can now be connected to the energy network, offering a real off grid solution whilst still feeding back excess or using the grid instead of a generator on...
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Why we do this

As part of our ongoing professional development and commitment to the industry. Where we can find time we make a blog so that both other industry professionals and customers can read about problems we’ve encountered. It also give the opportunity to look at both our installations and sometimes other’s (good or bad).