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Off-Grid Energy Systems

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Off-Grid Energy Systems

We can help with all your off-grid and hybrid electricity needs. We specialise in the all types of systems so no matter what your power source is, hydro, wind, solar we can help.

The best part of our current ever changing market is many inverter/chargers now are being delivered with a AS4777 option meaning where the generator used to sit you could put an energy network in place and effectively make your installation a hybrid.


What is a Off-Grid Installation

An Off-Grid Installation is a complete energy network in itself.

Typically this will consist of batteries, PV solar (either AC or DC coupled), an inverter/charger and DC/AC distribution

How much does it cost?

The cost of this equipment is constantly moving and most often downwards, which is great news for everyone. To accurately price an installation we would need to know if you already have a system in place? What your daily loads are? And what your peak load is?. Feel free to fill in a quote form and we can help with designing the perfect system for you.

How long does the process take?

The process of installing such a system is quite quick, even as low as 1-2weeks. However. There is time to be spent doing design, consultation to ensure you getting the product you really want. So it is important to not rush into as they can be quite expensive.